Dime announces a new major release for Dime.Scheduler

We are thrilled to announce the new release of Dime.Scheduler 2015.Q1.
With the numerous feedback of partners and customers we have worked in the past few months on some great new features, which will contribute once again to an even more flexible, more performant and versatile planning tool.

What’s new?

Here is just a glimpse of what you can expect in Dime.Scheduler 2015.Q1:

  • Free Text search & filter in lists and grids
    Type any text or number in the Search-field to search across all fields of the list or grid and to filter the results automatically.
  • Add or change the Task linked to an Appointment
    Add the Task to a manually created Appointment or change the Task to which an Appointment is linked directly from the Appointment page.
  • Add or change the Job linked to an Appointment
    Link an Appointment only to a Job and not a Task. In certain scenarios like when working in a project-related business process, the Tasks are not (yet) available to Dime.Scheduler as they have not been released from or created in the back office application although the Job is already existing.
  • Action URL
    A new type of URL can be created in Dime.Scheduler. The Action URL allows to define a URL that triggers an action or event in another application, for instance the back office application, passing a number of parameters
  • Day, week or month views in the Timeline
    The layout of the date/time ruler in the Timeline view can now be changed by the user on-the-fly
    Day: shows the selected days and the hours within each day
    Week: shows the week numbers and the days within the week
    Month: shows the month and the days within the month
  • Recurring Appointments re-designed
    Each individual Appointment within a recurrence pattern is now sent to the back office application where it can be processed accordingly. This is especially useful for Appointments that have an exception against the recurrence pattern

And many more…

In June we will organise several webinar sessiosn on the new release.  Dates and more information will be announced soon!logo_dime-scheduler_rgb_web