Dime.Scheduler Release 2016.Q1 – available as of April 11th 2016

With the 2016.Q1 release we introduce a number of new features and added performance enhancements.

We refer to the product release notes which is included in the installation package for all the details but already want to share some topics:

  • Multi-select of Open Tasks: the user can now select multiple tasks in the Open Task list and:
    • Drag & drop all selected tasks onto a resource
    • Get total travel time, distance and route
  • Travel time and distance calculation: when selecting 2 or more tasks and/or planned appointments the route, travel time and distance are shown on the map. This is ideal to know the estimated travel between a planned appointment and 1 or more open tasks, or to know the total travel for a resource based on the planned appointments for example
  • Resource selection: a new grid allows the user to manually select the resources to be shown on the plan board. This is complimentary to the already existing filter capabilities

We are also excited to announce the upcoming release of a standard SAP B1 connector for Dime.Scheduler.

As with all our standard connectors (MS-Dynamics NAV & CRM) it features a flexible framework to easily create custom solutions. The SAP B1 connector also supports the SAP HANA platform.

The final release date and full details will be announced soon.