Sanders Forklifts (Helmond – The Netherlands) selects “Uw Rental & Services” and Dime.Scheduler of “Uw Dynamics Partner”.

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Sanders Forklifts Helmond, supplier for CESAB internal transport facilities, has selected the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution “Uw Rental & Services” for their company administration, extended with the graphical resource planning solution Dime.Scheduler.

The key factor in their decision was to have all company processes supported in one automated solution.  Dime.Scheduler will contribute to a large extent in having a clear overview on the planning of field services and it offers the flexibility to modify planning to the actual situation. This total solutions also offers the customer continuity as it can be extended with mobile solutions for field services, external reporting tools for management, electronic invoicing etc.

XBI Dynamics Software and Dime partnering for Dime.Scheduler resource planning solutions

XBI Dynamics Software has a strong focus on SME companies in the southern part of the Netherlands providing them Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM solutions and specificalized on production, commerce, project and service industry.

Roy van Gellekom, director of XBI, says : the Dime.Scheduler resource planning solution is for our customers a prized add-on to their existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment. The ease of use of the graphical interface facilitates their daily job and provides a transparent overview which results in constraining user mistakes and a higher efficiency overall. As the achieved results for our customers is our highest priority, we at XBI Dynamics Software made a conscious choice to collaborate with partners. Therefore we are pleased to welcome Dime as our partner which ensures us quality, respect and reliability.

XBI, success starts with making the right choices!

Website :
Contact : Roy van Gellekom

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R+M Business Software GmbH enters as Certified Reseller for Dime.Scheduler

We are pleased to announce that R+M Business Software GmbH has entered as Certified Reseller for Dime.Scheduler.

R+M Business Software GmbH with multiple offices in Germany is a Microsoft Dynamics-Partner since 2005. Their clients are medium-sized companies from various sectors such as service, commerce, transport, shipping and production as well as social economy and social services. R+M Business Software GmbH developed certified industry solutions :


Their staff are highly trained and have a lot of practical experience. Being “Microsoft Certified Professionals” they fulfill all the necessary requirements to ensure the success of all client projects, no matter how specific.

Hauke Lamb, Business Unit Manager Trade | Rent | Manufacturing says:

“For several years we have searched for a schedule solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which is easy to implement and easy to use.
With Dimenics.Scheduler we finally found the most comfortable, most flexible solution for our customers which will meet their expectations 100%, especially for our industry solution clients for.TRADE agricultural and construction machinery trade.“

Website :
Contact : Hauk Lamb



Xperience enters as Certified Partner for Dime.Scheduler

Dime is pleased to announce that Xperience has selected Dime.Scheduler as the resource planning tool of choice for their service management solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV2013.

Xperience is a long established IT solutions company, covering the UK and Ireland, demonstrating continued growth and development since 1969.
Through continued success and business partnerships, Xperience is able to offer a first class tailored service, delivered by knowledgeable engineers.

Andrew Cavey from Xperience says :  The key thing for us to select Dime.Scheduler was a system that is functionally rich, easy to use and that allows us to easily integrate with our service manangement solution for NAV 2013, NAVservice. 

Website :
Contact : Andrew Cavey


Astena achieves breakthrough with visual resource planning.

Astena, subsidiary of the Cronos IT-group, has come to an agreement with Dime for the distribution of the visual planning tool “Astena Comfort | Resourceplanner” for the Belgian market.

With this “Astena Comfort | Resoureplanner” they add an important component to their integrated software offerings for project and service oriented organisations.
In the past few years Astena became more and more successful with specific modules based on Microsoft Dynamics’ NAV platform.

An asset in the hands of the Astena customers

Astena Comfort | Resourceplanner introduces the next generation of graphical resource planning.
Entirely web-based yet with a fluent and responsive Office-like user interface featuring menu ribbons, docking panels and drag & drop.

The profound and seamless integration between Astena Comfort | Resource Planner and the Microsoft Dynamics NAV standard service module “Astena Service Comfort” is an asset which will be played by the Astena customers in the next months.

Resource planning is a hot topic

Wim Vandesompele, managing director at Astena, clarifies the “why” of the collaboration with Dime:

“We notice in the market that there is a problem at our customers to find qualified technical resources, in other words there is a scarcity.
A realistic planning is therefore an important contribution to the profitability of the company.

Besides that “image” is important for a service company: “Customers like to work with professional service companies and are not insensitive to the extent that the technician is the right man in the right place at the requested time. As a planner this means that you require accurate information preferably in “one” system.

Moreover,  a solution has to be extremely user friendly and it should provide the planner with a visual overview to assist him in his important role.

About Astena

Astena, subsidiary of the Cronos IT-Group, offers user-friendly and next generation IT solutions for companies with project and service oriented processes: installation companies, contractors, distribution companies with maintenance activities and service oriented organisations.

Astena counts 35 employees and has offices in Gentbrugge and Herstal. As we are speaking the first realisations are a fact.
For more information you can call Astena: 09/272.73.60 or visit the their website

Contact: Wim Vandesompele
Adres: Dulle-Grietlaan 17/8 – B-9050 Gentbrugge

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Feyter Forklift Services will be planning field services with Dime.Scheduler

Feyter Forklift Services (located in Terneuzen) is specialised in sales, rental, service & inspections of internal transport. To improve the planning of their field services they recently decided to use Dime.Scheduler in conjuction with “Uw Rental & Services 2013” from “Uw Dynamics Partner” (UDP – Tilburg).  This will not only lead to an optimized and simplified planning of field services but it will significantly improve the service to the customer.


Feyter is currently implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV2013 in combination with “Uw Rental & Services 2013” provided by “Uw Dynamics Partner” (Tilburg). With this solution all the business processes within the organization will be supported from one central solution. As planning of field services is subject to constant changes they chose to use a graphical plan board to anticipate faster to what happens in the field. For that reason Feyter chose for the Dime.Scheduler planning solution in consultation with “Uw Dynamics Partner”. Dime.Scheduler is an affordable solution which is in line with the requirements of the organization and linked to the “Rental & Services 2013” solution, it offers the flexibility and features a planning department is looking for.

Dime.Scheduler gives you in one view all tasks to plan and the detailed information about open & planned tasks, availability of resources, geographical overview of planned or to plan tasks and optionally you can choose to track all your resources and assets on the geo-map.

With a simple drag & drop, tasks can be planned for one or more resources at the same time, automatically updating all planning views of other planners without the use of any refresh or “OK” buttons. Also holidays, training, sickness and other reasons of absence can be monitored in the plan board. Finding the right resource is easy using the automatic resource filters based on the skills and qualifications needed for the task.

For more info on “Rental & Service 2013” for Microsoft Dynamics NAV :
For more info on “Dime.Scheduler” resource planning :
For more info on “Feyter Forklift Services” :

ESC Hardware & Software solutions enters partnership for Document Capture

We have the pleasure to announce that ESC Hardware & Software solutions has entered a partnership for Document Capture.

ESC Hardware & Software Solutions is active on 4 locations in Belgium with more than 50 employees  and offices in De Pinte, Brussels, Antwerp and Kortrijk.
They provide standard and customized  software solutions such as ERP, CRM, Logistics Management, Financial Management, HRM…

For their Document Management solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV they selected Document Capture.

Contact : Benny Van Hyfte

Website :

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Nelly Bösch Computer (CH) signs up as “Certified Reseller” for Dime.Scheduler

We are pleased to announce that Nelly Bösch Computer has signed up as “Certified Reseller” for our Dime.Scheduler resource planning solution.
Nelly Bösch Computer is a Swiss Microsoft Dynamics Partner located in Pfäffikon. Since more than 10 years Nelly Bösch Computer is offering Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions for various branches (transportation, automotive, …).

Nelly Bösch Computer integrates our Dime.Scheduler resource planning add-on in their vertical solution for the transportation industry to offer their existing and new customers a flexible and easy to use visual planning solution.

Website :

Contact : Ralph Marthaler



Bro Consulting enters a strategic partnership for the distribution of “Dime.Scheduler for CRM”

Dime is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Bro Consulting for the distribution of “Dime.Scheduler for CRM”. Bro Consulting is a part of the ADULTIMA Group and specialized in CRM solutions for various industries.  During this year’s Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston,  Bro-Consulting was elected as winner of the “Microsoft Dynamics Partner of The Year: Rising Star CRM” for Belgium.

Contact :

Bjorn Robbens

Website :

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