Dime.Scheduler is a graphical resource planning and scheduling tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics Business Central, Dynamics CRM and any other Business Application Partners and users that are looking to integrate planning functionality into their business processes and vertical or industry solutions.
Dime.Scheduler is not just a graphical resource planning tool. It is a unique horizontal add-on that extends your solution and becomes part of the business process and the workflows.

Discover why +100 partners and their customers from +20 countries use Dime.Scheduler in (Industrial) Construction, Field Service, Offshore Gas & Oil, Transport, Training & Education, Professional Services, Projects, Facility Management, Event Management, Service Points, Rental Services …

A compelling visual experience that introduces the next generation of graphical resource and project planning. Entirely web-based yet with a fluent and responsive multi-language user interface featuring drag & drop, docking panels and personalisation. Designed with taking into account the subtle differentiators that make company processes unique Dime.Scheduler is extremely flexible and uses data rather than development to align with the business.


Dime.Scheduler easily let’s you allocate resources to a task or project. “Resource” is a general term for people and equipment: people are assigned to perform certain tasks and equipment is assigned to allow people to perform the tasks assigned to them.

People can be service technicians, sales persons, help desk employees, consultants etc. Examples of equipment are machinery, tools, replacement vehicles, hotel rooms, and office & exhibition material.

Tasks are actions that need to be carried out and they can range from a simple phone call to a maintenance job to a large machinery installation or even construction that spans several days or months.

Multiple resources of various types can be assigned to the same task, at the same time, at different times and at overlapping times..

Key features include

  • Graphical plan board with multiple views
  • Drag & drop planning
  • Allocation to multiple resources
  • Smart resource filtering with Filter Groups
  • Multiple plan boards with segregation of roles and responsibilities
  • Integrated multi-point geo-mapping
  • Gantt Chart powered Project Planning
  • Easy user interface personalisation
  • Multi-language
  • Data-driven setup and security
  • Task colour, time marker and priority based on task data
  • User access restriction based on task data
  • Multi-database support


Graphical plan board with adaptable views

The graphical plan board is completely drag & drop enabled. Drag & drop a task from the list of Open Tasks to create an Appointment, move an Appointment from one day to another, change starting and ending time or move or copy the Appointment to another resource.

Task colour, time marker and priority based on NAV data

Colours are assigned to the values of the Category and Time Marker. When a task is planned it’s colour and time marker are set automatically. The priority of a task is shown with an icon.

Sort, filter and group open tasks on the fly

The plan board user can easily browse and search open tasks by sorting the open tasks on any field, by filtering them on one or more fields and by grouping them on one or more fields.

To sort simply click on the column header. To filter click on the filter symbol in the column header and use the Excel-like filter dialog. To group simply drag the column header onto the grouping bar.

Smart resource filtering with Filter Groups

Filter Groups give the user a flexible and powerful tool to find the right resource for the job. As with other features Filter Groups are driven by data.

Filter Groups are also part of the data-driven security model which allows you to control access to the application not only by Roles but also based on data!

Integrated multi-point geo-mapping

An integrated map shows the location of a selected open task or appointment.
Selecting multiple tasks or appointments displays a marker for each task or appointment selected. These markers can be pinned onto the map in which case the plan board user can visually compare the location of an open task with planned appointments.

Easy user interface personalisation

Each individual user can change the size and position of the different panes in the user interface and can hide or show panes. The personal view settings are stored in the database which guarantees that the personalised user interface is always available when working from the office, the home computer, the hotel room or any other computer.

Multiple plan boards

In Dime.Scheduler, you can add as many plan boards as you need. These powerful plan boards are driven by data. You can use data to identify certain resources specifically on one of your plan boards. Extra plan boards can be used in a variety of scenarios; to plan specialised equipment, to manage replacement cars, to plan an account manager at the start of a large installation, to distinguish between room types …

All plan boards are linked in every way: they show the same date range and are filtered by the same Filter Groups. Tasks are displayed using the same colour and time marker setup.
On every plan board tasks can be assigned by drag & drop and tasks can be copied between each of them.

Other features

  • Multi-language support
    A user can select the language in which he or she prefers to work
  • Data-driven setup and security
    Data is mapped to model the behaviour according to the requirements.Filters can be defined on Filter Groups in the security setup per user thereby restricting the user’s access based on data. Some common examples are: showing only the resources that are assigned to the user’s department, showing only vehicles that have passed inspection, not allowing meeting rooms to be booked by reception desk
  • Multi-database support
    The Multi-Back Office Connector allows Dime.Scheduler to sync data with multiple databases

Curious for more? Have a look at the demonstration videos and downloadable documentation

Standard Solutions

From Zero to Planning in Minutes

Dime.Scheduler can be integrated with most ERP, CRM or Business applications through the Dime framework.

Our standard solutions offer out-of-the-box functionality for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Business Central 365 On Premise and CRM

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

With Dime.Scheduler FastTrack for Microsoft Dynamics NAV we deliver a fast and easy implementation of fully functional solutions out-of-the-box covering multiple areas of standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV making Dime.Scheduler the most extensive planning solution on the market.
The FastTrack Wizard guides you through the setup choices and generates all the necessary configuration.

  • Resources
  • Service
  • Jobs
  • Assembly Orders
  • Sales documents
  • Production Routing
  • Absence Registration
  • Time Sheet integration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

An extension package to add planning to the CRM Workflow, standard Service Activity planning. Fully customizable to plan any activity in any custom or Vertical Solution.


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Introduction to Dime.Scheduler

Dime.Scheduler 2018 Webinar (24/8/2018)


More than 100 partners worldwide and their customers are convinced of the flexibility, versatility and ease-of-integration that Dime.Scheduler has to offer.
Together with these partners we realised many successful projects in different industries (rental, field service, onshore/offshore oil & gas , automotive, hospitality, project planning, training & education, construction, professional services, facility management, event management, etc.).

Here are some success stories that we like to share with you… stay tuned for more:

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Grotemeier : From disposition calendar to virtual planning with Dime.Scheduler

Feyter Forklift Services : Workshops run like clockwork using Dime.Scheduler