Dime.Scheduler easily let’s you allocate resources to a task or project. “Resource” is a general term for people and equipment: people are assigned to perform certain tasks and equipment is assigned to allow people to perform the tasks assigned to them.

People can be service technicians, sales persons, help desk employees, consultants etc. Examples of equipment are machinery, tools, replacement vehicles, hotel rooms, and office & exhibition material.

Tasks are actions that need to be carried out and they can range from a simple phone call to a maintenance job to a large machinery installation or even construction that spans several days or months.

Multiple resources of various types can be assigned to the same task, at the same time, at different times and at overlapping times..

Key features include

  • Graphical plan board with multiple views
  • Drag & drop planning
  • Allocation to multiple resources
  • Smart resource filtering with Filter Groups
  • Multiple plan boards with segregation of roles and responsibilities
  • Integrated multi-point geo-mapping
  • Gantt Chart powered Project Planning
  • Easy user interface personalisation
  • Multi-language
  • Data-driven setup and security
  • Task colour, time marker and priority based on task data
  • User access restriction based on task data
  • Multi-database support