Document Capture

Streamline and automate every step of daily document handling – from receiving and registering a document, to approval, posting and ultimately retrieving previously processed documents from the digital archive.



Tight integration with the Purchases & Payables module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes it possible to scan purchase invoices upon receipt, automatically capture each invoice line, and match it to an existing purchase order. Using Dynamics NAV Document Approval, approvers are notified by e-mail when an invoice requires their attention and the system will await their approval before the invoice is released for posting and payment. During the approvals process, approvers are able to see a copy of the original document as an on-screen scanned image and can approve, reject, or delegate the invoice. Document Capture ensures that the accounts payable department has an overview of the entire process, and provides the right tools to easily and efficiently manage purchase invoice processing.

Through highly-configurable templates, Document Capture can handle any type of document, such as Vendor Statements, Order Confirmations, Contracts, Agreements, Certificates, and Letters. For each document type, you can configure rules that determine what information needs to be captured and registered.

Easy implementation – even in customised systems

Our strong commitment to minimising the impact on existing customisations in Dynamics NAV means that changes to standard objects are kept to a minimum, making Document Capture easy to install and implement. The architecture behind Document Capture makes it easy for partners to extend the product to meet specific needs or rules. By leveraging the well-known Dynamics NAV user interface, we have made Document Capture instantly familiar to existing users making it easy to learn and implement.


Here you can read about some of the key features that make Document Capture a first-class solution for Dynamics NAV customers.


Scanning is performed directly within Dynamics NAV and, by leveraging the power of ISIS drivers and VRS technology, you get high-speed and high quality results. VRS reduces the time involved in manual document preparation and enhances the quality of scanned images.

Many organisations rely on document-driven processes that originate at a remote location but must be completed elsewhere. Remote scanning allows you to capture documents and data from your organisation’s remote offices directly into the central Dynamics NAV system.

PDF Files

Receiving documents in PDF format from business partners is something that happens daily in most companies. Although an industry standard, PDF contains data in an unstructured format and usually needs to be printed and archived when it comes to purchase invoices and other legal documents. With Document Capture you can process all files received in PDF format directly, without printing and re-scanning files. PDF files can be downloaded automatically by Document Capture from a predefined e-mail address and these files can be OCR processed without any user interaction.

OCR Technology

Award winning OCR technology brings you outstanding accuracy which is a key to the document analysis performed by Document Capture. Barcodes are automatically detected and more than 180 languages and dialects are supported by the OCR engine.

Unlimited Document Types

Through highly-configurable templates, Document Capture can handle an unlimited number of document types such as Purchase Invoices, Order Confirmations, Contracts, Agreements, Certificates, Letters, and many more.

Document Analysis

Document Capture’s sophisticated analysis engine makes it possible to capture fields and values from the document, all based on predefined templates and labels. Optimised templates and fields with built-in validation and formatting-rules results in high recognition accuracy, and ensures that captured values conform to appropriate rules and standards within NAV.

Purchase Invoices & Approvals

Purchase Invoices are scanned upon receipt where invoice lines can be recognised and matched with existing purchase orders. Using Dynamics NAV document approval, approvers are notified by e-mail and the system awaits his or her approval before the invoice is released for posting and payment. During the approval process, approvers are able to see a copy of the original document and can approve, reject, or delegate the invoice. Document Capture ensures that the accounts payable department has an overview of the entire process, and provides the right tools to easily and efficiently manage purchase invoice processing.

Web Approval Module

A web portal ensures that all employees have the option of approving an invoice – with the same options as in a NAV client.  And centrally you always have an up to date picture of who is processing the annex.


With Document Capture you can drag-and-drop any file or e-mail to any record in NAV. As an example, when approving purchase invoices, you can attach the original purchase quote from the vendor, e-mail about special conditions, etc. You can also enable the drag-and-drop on the vendor or customer card to archive important communication between them. Enabling it on jobs will let you attach all important communication and files to the specific job. All of this in both the RoleTailored Client and in the Classic Client.

Digital Archive

All documents are stored electronic in PDF/A format, and are easily accessed from Dynamics NAV. From a posted purchase invoice you can bring up the original scanned document with just one click. The digital archive is integrated with the Interaction Log in the Sales & Marketing module, making it possible to access all documents related to a company or contact person. Documents are indexed in Dynamics NAV, making it possible to perform full text searches against all documents. For example, you could search for a specific serial number that you purchased, a job, or maybe an item.

Quick implementation by your NAV partner

Document Capture is certified by Microsoft and straight-forward for any Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner to implement. So your NAV partner is able to deliver our solution to you with very limited training and our unique partner support. Based on experience from our more than 400 existing customers, you can be up and running in less than one week!


The successes of Document Capture are no longer a secret for our global Microsoft Dynamics partners and competitors.
Due to its powerful template driven engine, flexibility and low impact on implementation and customer’s budget, it has become one of the best selling add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV worldwide.

In co-operation with our partners we have been realising very successful projects over the past years, for which we like to thank them explicitly.

Below you can find some success stories – which Dime and its partners have recently realised.

Furnibo – Document Capture, an essential part of an integrated company-wide environment

FLYINGGROUP – More efficiency and more transparency with Document Capture

Bouwbedrijf Beneens – “The right information, always available with Document Capture

BDO – A Higher Level of Automation with Document Capture (English)

BDO – l’Automatisation à un niveau supérieur avec Document Capture (Français)

BDO – Een Hoger Niveau van Automatisering dankzij Document Capture (Nederlands)

French Media


Document Capture permet de réaliser une OCR dans Microsoft Dynamics NAV comme aucun autre produit. Ce système reconnaît toutes les informations sur les factures et autres documents sans devoir retaper le texte.


La qualité et l’efficacité de Document Capture ont été prouvées par l’acceptation de marché de nos 3.000 et plus clients satisfaits, une clientèle acquise en moins de 6 ans.


Nous nous consacrons à 100% aux clients Microsoft Dynamics NAV et à leurs besoins de gérer documents et accords. Document Capture a été développé directement dans Microsoft Dynamics NAV en vue d’une intégration simple.


La plupart des solutions OCR demandent de faire appel à des spécialistes externes pour l’implémentation et la maintenance du logiciel. Mais ce n’est pas le cas avec Document Capture qui peut facilement être installé et configuré par tout consultant NAV.


Document Capture est normalement implémenté en 3/4 jours, ce qui est considérablement moindre que les solutions OCR classiques, résultant en une perturbation minimale des processus commerciaux.


Document Capture démarre au prix de 3800 euros, en ce compris l’OCR, le workflow d’approbation, la fonctionnalité “glisser/déplacer”, l’archivage, etc.

L’approbation sur le web peut être incluse comme une option supplémentaire à partir de 1750 euros.


– Technologie OCR récompensée

– Workflow d’accords d’achat

– Traitement de commandes clients

– Fonction “glisser/déplacer” vers tout dossier NAV

– Approbation NAV et Web

– Extension facile par les partenaires NAV

Et encore plus…

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