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Don’t waste time on sending reports manually from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to your customers and other external relations. Document Output automates this process, while also making it possible to design emails with exactly the information and design you want!    Quotes, Order Confirmations, Sales Invoices, Reminders, Financial Charge Memos, Account Statements, and much more can be sent in PDF format and attached to emails — in just a few clicks or fully automatically!    And if the low license fee isn’t enough — Document Output is also easy and fast to set up. Save on time and postage — contact your NAV partner today!



Ready, set…

Document Output comes with a wide variety of email templates ready for use, each of which are linked to a NAV report and information on who is to receive them. All you need to do is customize the email to your own profile, and you’re ready to go! The following ready-made email templates come standard:

  • Account Statement (including attachments from the period)
  • Delivery Note
  • Credit Memo
  • Reminder
  • Finance Charge Memo
  • Sales Invoice
  • Quote
  • Order Confirmation
  • Purchase Order
  • Tracking (email service without report, but instead with a link to the carrier’s website where you can track the delivery status)

All the reason you need!

Document Output is a totally unique solution in that you don’t have to make changes to reports in order to send them. This is why it’s easier and cheaper to install, develop, and maintain Continia Document Output compared to many other solutions. On top of that, you’ll always receive dedicated support for the product no matter which certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner you use.

Everything is logged

All activities are logged when using Document Output. So if, for example, a customer asks for an invoice, it’s easy to see when it was sent, to whom, and its appearance.

Total control over who receives what

It’s easy to control who receives which documents for those you do business with. You can choose whether to send documents to a general email address, a company’s primary contact person, or to a selected group of contacts. There is of course full support for different languages so that both reports and emails can be sent in the right languages.

Save on time and postage

With Continia Document Output, you can ensure that reports are sent via email as much as possible, allowing you to save big on packing and postage. Should certain recipients still wish to have their reports in paper form, these will automatically be sent to print out. Emailing and paper printouts are handled at the same time and in the same process.

Get started now!

Continia Document Output comes at attractive license fees and with record start-up time.
Contact us now to find a reseller or to become reseller.


  • Fast and simple start-up
  • 10+ email templates – ready to use!
  • Easy setup of new email templates – no need for an IT expert
  • Unique setup of layouts for accompanying emails, merge fields, and watermarks
  • Versatile configuration of email recipients
  • Mass mailing of invoices, account statements, etc.
  • Clear overview windows of document recipients, including shipment method (email or print)
  • Automatic paper printout for recipients without email addresses
  • Logging of all mail
  • Free Integrated Continia PDF Driver included


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