Distribution of add-ons

Dime offers Dynamics add-on distribution services for both the ISV partner as well as the selling partner.

Services for the ISV partner

We prepare your product for the Benelux market. We translate and localize the software and translate user manual and other documentation including sales and marketing material.

We work together to extend the product to adhere to local regulations and sector specifications that are not covered by the standard localisation package.

We actively engage with the Benelux partner channel to put your product on top of their mind, we train the partners on your product and assist the partners in implementing your product. We assist the partners in presenting your product to the end-customers.

Benefits: product ready for market, available for all partners, successful implementations and reference customers.

Services for the selling partner

We provide you with a solution that is ready to be implemented including localised software and translated user manuals.

We assist you in selling the add-ons we distribute. We provide you with sales and marketing material and demo kits, we train your people, we participate in your events and we assist you in your implementations.

Benefits: smooth and successful implementations, happy customers

Value proposition

  • Single point of contact for the Benelux market, both for the ISV vendor as for the partners
  • Knowledge of the local market
  • Shorten Time-to-market
  • Localised product and material is available for all partners
  • Single effort that makes the product available for the entire market
  • Offer local product knowledge for projects
  • Local support for the partners