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Product Date   Theme Language
Document Capture TBD Introduction Document Capture French
Expense Management TBD Introduction Expense Management French
Document Output TBD Introduction Document Output French
Document Capture 28/03/2019 Introductie Document Capture Dutch
Document Output 02/04/2019 Introductie Document Output Dutch
Expense Management 03/04/2019 Introductie Expense Management Dutch
Dime.Scheduler 29/03/2019   New Route, Calendar & Capacity Features with Dime.Scheduler English
Dime.Scheduler 26/04/2019 Resource scheduling and project planning with Dime.Scheduler English
Dime.Scheduler 15/03/2019 Das Arbeiten mit Nutzerprofilen im Dime.Scheduler. German
Dime.Scheduler 29/03/2019 Wie Aufwendig ist ein Update in Dime.Scheduler? German